Sunday, 17 November 2013

Until the Sun Falls from the Sky By Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley is an exceptional writer. She is the Nora Roberts of her time. I can only recall one story, from  her that I have read, that wasn't good. After all, she is only human, but I am sure that regardless of the length of her stories, I am guaranteed a ride and a whole new world of characters to love.

I, for one, don't mind change and with Lucien and Leah, that's all you get! Whether it be their history, present or future. These two are always pushing the envelope. Now, I know we are accustomed to the 20 year old virgin or outcast falling for the sexy decades old vamp, so let's give it up for the 40 year old, 20 year old who makes it fun to be forty!

Leah is an unique character. Then again, this is the elite of the all vampire stories. This is old world charm, extravagance and even rules. I am not sure where this story is set, as places mentioned are only for relocation, as oppose to present. I suggest the US because of the police number, but then I can't be too sure either. Not that it matters, as this story is so good no one care about location.

I think the structure and the story line is what makes this novel so awesome! I wouldn't mind never hearing the word "concubine" again, but I do love the meaning behind the terminology and the respect received and given by most, to the title of basically being "the woman/man on the side".

Not that the main characters were bad, because they were great! However, I found myself more intrigued with the rules, culture and eventually the prophecy of this series. I am not one for werewolf romances, I think my werewolf knowledge stops with the 'Twilight' series and the 'Underworld' movie franchises. With the interests and possibilities gained from this story, I am certain I will begin my werewolf reading, because you can't stop at one book! I'll secretly say the hybrid is what interest me most, but I don't mind taking the journey to get there.

This was a well written story with intricate details, history, culture, beliefs. It's a whole new supernatural world. Don't discount it as another vampire story, as it is not and will surprise and enlighten you to another form of vamprism and other supernatural creatures.  It's nice when an author takes the initiative and time to create their own realm, and that and more is what we got.

This a different world of vampires, who are almost human, if not for their advanced abilities and diet. While this is a romance story, it is far more. Lucien, Leah alone with their friends, family and acquaintances gives you your money's worth.

I love all the characters in this novel. Their roles and personalities are clear and their purpose known. You have no questions, and if you do, they are answered by either Lucien's or Leah's POV. Sometimes both. There is much to learn, discover and anticipate with this novel and series. Even after almost 500 pages I still want more and feel like the real story is yet to come.

I guarantee it's another splendid Kristen Ashley novel that will leave you wanting more. This lady knows how to write a novel and in extension a series. I hardly ever complete her series, but this is shaping up to be my first ;)

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