Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Miss Taken By Cleo Scornavacca

I get the idea and I like it. It's semi fresh and has it's own stamp. Also, because it's her first novel, I won't judge it so hard. After all, if writing was such an easy task, we'd all be NY Times Best Selling Authors.
Great idea, decent cast, but not so good of a delivery. It also kept a too fast pace throughout and I felt like I was reading in fast forward.

I like that the author decided to give us an older couple, as oppose to the self-made billionaires in their 20s. But even then, their actions, reactions, demeanor and personalities were that of characters in their 20s. I understand their turmoils, but their actions were rather rash, petty and juvenile. Which almost 40 year old man behave like that? o.O

Locked away or not, which 34 year old woman speaks and behave like that also? They both annoyed me frequently and I kept rolling my eyes at their fights and insta make-ups. Everything they do, they do it sub par. There is nothing I can fully latch on to about this series that was on point and intense. It was just all in the wind. Though I must say, they do surprise me, because a lot of their reactions were completely out of left field.

Dominick needs to calm down. The man behaves like he is constantly hooked up on drugs. He is also rather temperamental for a lawyer and I found myself wanting Rain to leave him. Not for her, as much as for him. I believe that his character needs a stronger female character to hold him down. Rain doesn't cut it for me. As such, I never fully developed a bond between the two. She is unreliable, selfish and with that ending, quite the hypocrite.

I guess it's safe to say that I am his biggest fan. I like his character, minus the steroids type behavior. I understand his plight and feelings. After all, the girl's dad did call him 'trash'. I don't see no one reprimanding him for that! He is the character I connected with the most. He is the one who is struggling the most and taking quite the beatings, for his natural reactions to the life he has lead. Rain's dad doesn't even know the whole story but he treats him like dirty on the bottom of his shoes. I say cut the guy some slack Rain!

Rain is a spoiled little girl in a big woman's body. Even though I am not so sure of her body, because it is one more thing that wasn't really made clear. I know she has bangs, otherwise, I am at a lost. I have no problem with her narration, but I would have liked Dominick's view also, as being in her mind all the time left out a lot of feelings that I believe we could have received from Dominick.

I find that, information that needed elaboration were skimmed, and the things that weren't that necessary were given in great details. It was like a manuscript of ideas. More jottings than story. Sometimes it even resembled a statement. Too much Italian everything and not enough of the present NY.

The main issue that began this novel fell by the way side, and by the time it came back full circle, it was filled with hypocrisy and cliches. What is wrong with people and safe sex these days? Put a condom on it already!

While a brilliant idea, I believe this novel needs better execution, and more depth. It's great for a brainstorm sit down, but not the best as a complete work. As suspected, I shall wait on book two to get some peace from the cliffhanger that ended this one. It might not have the best structure, but I can bare to finish the series.


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