Sunday, 3 November 2013

Greed By Fisher Amelie

First off, because this needs to be addressed, the covers for this series is HAWTTTTT! (Wanted 7 T's ... oh well!) If I love nothing else, I love these covers. That 'Fury' cover revel knock me back a peg. They are hot!

Now ... So, I read 'Vain' in January of this year. I won't try to compare one sin to another, but I can say I don't get the same vibe as I did when I read Sophie's book. I was confused frequently and could hardly hold down a steady emotion for any of the characters.

I am seeing the pattern in this series, where you have to literally lose it all to learn the lesson of your sin. This brings me to the next book in this series, as well as, the notion than you can be rich, keep it and still be a new person. The poor is trying to be rich, so why should the rich aim to be poor? ... Makes no sense o.O

Spencer never once projected that of a greedy man in the entirety of this novel, just as much as Sophie didn't seem vain either.  If anything, he gave too much. While I understand what his private conversations with "Piper" were, they lost their appeal occasionally. They just seemed creepy and irrelevant to the plot after a while. I got the idea, but I became indifferent eventually.

Fisher Amelie novels are if nothing else, well researched and detailed. She commits and never lets up! I still would never work on a ranch, but I know quite  a few things now and can safely say that I was kept entertained in between all the ranch speak and work. It was definitely educational. Even if your not interested, you don't mind the ranch details that are worked within the plot.

While I understood Spencer's struggles and connected and loved his character from book 1, I would have loved if he got the chance to focus on himself more than he did every one around him. I believe he was put through the ringer, but he did it so well while keeping us entertained. As narrators go, Spencer was an entertaining one.

It was quite an opening description for Cricket, so naturally I waited for her to blow me out of the water like her first description. However, she paled over time for me and after a while it didn't matter to me, where she was concerned. I didn't hate her, but I never connected much with her either. Honestly, I could have spent the whole time with Spencer, Jonah and Bridget and had a better time. Spencer alone was more entertaining than Spencer and Cricket if you ask me. I am sure others will disagree :)

While Fisher Amelie is a great author and this series holds a certain quality for me, I feel as if this installment paled in comparison to the first. I understand them as being different sins, but the angst, intensity, passion, anxiety and apprehension and constant alertness that I got from 'Vain' was missing here. While a solid story, it didn't get my blood flowing, and I am not a fan of the ending. I however, suspect that we are in for a shake up with the next novel and it will affect both main characters,  individually and as a couple.

Then again, it could be 20 pages long and I would still want to read the upcoming installment. There is something about this series, that when you get pass the clean and precise artwork on the cover, you realize that as you go, there is a lesson to be learned and the lead characters of this series are some of the best.

Regardless of what transpires around them, they keep you focus and entertained. While I would have loved Spence to man up a  little, flirt a little more or even have a proper wild night as Spencer Blackwell, I still loved his character and looked forward to each chapter.

However, 'Fury' is on it's way and I can't wait! :D

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