Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Devil's Masquerade: The Remedy By Jennifer Loren

Sighz ... this is so bittersweet for me. Yes there were casualties, but I believe we (yes, we ) came out of this story quite triumphant. I have come to love the progression of this series, but still as separate entities. I like Nick the criminal, as much as, Nick the Lord. As two separate stories, I love them both. As one continuing series, I am too confused to make a solid decision.

To be truthful, I want more. Just not from a Nick and Kayla focus point. I would love to get more stories on Nicky and Ryan. I feel like there are many stories left within this series, kind of like the 'Dark Hunter' series. Might take time, but I am willing to wait ;)

I love all the characters in this story and believe that they, along with the story was well written, given the time frame and insurmountable issues. It never felt rush and there was always a surprise around the corner. If this is the last, then I can attest to it being one of the best in this series so far. I don't know if it's the paranormal, or transition into paranormal, that gives this novel and series it's edge, but it surely has one.

The introduction of the new characters weren't bad either. I especially like Amery. I don't know what it is about him, but I have a soft spot from him. With how this story ended, I would be pleased to see a follow up novel with him, Ryan, Elijah, Cat and even Nicky, off doing their own thing. It's time Nick and Kayla's relationship get a break from the constant beating.

I can assure you that you never know what will happen in this novel, as the most unlikely alliances are formed and the forces are so much and so strong that you are guaranteed a ride! The fight scenes vary in intensity, interest and outcome. There is possibilities and tricks everywhere. You will be kept on your toes and waiting for the next move in this game of chess between the Jayzon's, Savages and almost all the other Lords.

The reconciliation of Kayla and Nick was also fun to watch. It was like 'The Devil's Eyes' all over again. We even got some of those feel good scenes. This time though, the tables were turned and Kayla had to fight for their love. You get so many stories, struggles and outcomes from this one story that no wonder I'm unsatisfied and wanting more!

It was also good to see most of the gang make it out alive and to hold new powers and responsibilities. Even Eddie is still alive, which is a shock within itself, as he started the story as a walking PC in a suit. To watch these characters grow, and see their paths by this end of this book, is lovely! I just wish a few others could have remained alive to share in the ending. I wasn't that close to the character of Sam, but I do love Ryan and hope that his story doesn't end here and like this.

There is laughter, love, envy, war and of course ... a masquerade ball :)

Ending or not, this story gets better with each installment, and this one is one of if not the best. You aren't left with questions, as much as, a crave for more. While this story is safe to finish here, it makes you want to roam with the other Lords, namely Nicky, Ryan and Amery. Though Elijah is also an interesting one.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and wouldn't mind another in the series :)

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