Thursday, 31 October 2013

Consume Me By R.F. Allie

I am disappointed. Between the grammatical and spelling errors, abrupt ending and basic lack of point or purpose, this book failed in my opinion. It was boring. It lacked vision, originality, purpose, cause ... it lack spark! I finished reading this novel because I kept procrastinating to finish, so I figured it's time I start a new one.

It's size didn't help either, because if it was short and boring then that would be different that it being so long and boring. Short, we could have said maybe it needed some more pages. Long, it just needed a re-write and a lot of editing.

The author used a lot of proper words in place of the usual dialect. I have no problem with this, as I am all for learning new things, but sometimes they came off as odd and didn't help the story in any way. I also thought, that someone who spent so much time on a detail like word choice, would have spent some time to get her characters names right. There was a heap of mix up between the main characters surnames. Don't use two 'D' named surnames if your gonna constantly mix them up. It's just wrong, and confusing as hell!

I hated the nicknames between Clea and her friends. Her character also never appealed to me and I was unable to relate or really warm to her. She was confident but unsure. Shy but bold. At times, she is on top of the world with how confident she is and a next she is escaping in the back of a cab because she thinks Landon is about to breakup with her. She almost seemed bipolar. She also occasionally has self esteem and money issues when she feels like it.

Landon is a cliche. His personality didn't shine because he didn't have one. He could have been any dominant male billionaire. There was nothing to separate him from the rest. Irrespective of their similarities, Christian Grey is no Gideon Cross. Then again, 'Bared to You' is no 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. However, 'Consume Me' tried to hard to fall into almost all the patterns of billionaire alpha male novels.

The main thing it had to separate it was it's lack of direction and bland cliffhanger. I  have no clue what to expect next and I don't care. It all seems inconsequential and boring if you ask me. The story kept going and I kept waiting and nothing happened. I can't even notify a proper climax.

The drama wasn't drama. The ex that seemed to matter is more a family friend and the ex that might be a hurricane to this relationship was fleetingly mentioned. I don't know, but I am not impressed nor was I entertained. I had a few laughs, but that's about it.

Clea has a large variety of friends, that vary in every aspect of her life and the ones closest to her are like family. I love that set and believe that they were the redeeming quality of this novel. If they weren't calling her by those ridiculous nicknames, then I had a good enough time with them.

I also believe that most of the conversations started out of no where and went no where. This whole book seemed pointless. However, I like giving chances and I would like to get to know these characters, especially Landon. So I will wait on book 2 to see if this series might get better.

I'm not even going to mention the sex scenes. Let's just say it was bearable. As is, this novel is just an idea in need of proper execution. Her french was good also, so she gets points for that.

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