Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Avoiding Intimacy By K.A. Linde

Chyna's story ... hmmm

Not certain why this story was called avoiding intimacy because Chyna was intimate with almost everyone she came in contact with (girl included).

If compared to the other books in the series, this one wasn't as exciting as the life that Alexa leads. I wasn't enthralled by the sex scenes, because the emotions of this book were very cold.
Don't get me wrong though, I love Chyna's character and she had her moments, but I just didn't feel this one.

Her declaration at the end didn't give me the tingles, I actually never believed her. However, some of her sex scenes were hot and left me all bothered!

I am not sure as to the deal with the Milan portion of her life, as it just ended abruptly and stayed that way. Not sure if we will get a small view in the last of the avoiding trilogy.

I got confused at times when it came to going between past and present, because she seemed to always be messing up with like two weeks the most in between the crazy stunts she pull!

Adam was a child. I actually preferred his character in Alexa's stories and felt that he lacked little to no presence throughout the book ... actually, I'd have preferred is she ended up with Marco, as there would definitely be a story there!

But even with that being said, I still didn't connect to Marco. He was an Italian designer who was into kinky things and had a real temper! Dominating doesn't even come close and while Chyna did him wrong, his vengeance was mean and childish. There could have been better ways to get her back than wielding your influence, it's low if you ask me!

To sum it all up, it was a manageable story because the first two books helped you to transition to this novella, but the characters were distant and cold and the events were monotonous a lot, but with a few spicy scenes.

I'd read it, but bare in  mind it's a novella, so don't expect the punch that the other two books provided.

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