Monday, 18 March 2013

The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

This was another of those don't judge a book by it's cover ...

Saw this book for a while and thought it'd be one of those all out cheesy novels ... got a little cheese, but it ain't too bad ;)

Regardless of Tru's betrayal, and complete lack of self control around Jake, I liked her character. If she was to be compared to Keira from Thoughtless, I'd say she's a 100 times better.

I like their honesty and I love how the music was different but still mainstream and you could relate to them (Mr. Brightside fan :) )

Tru's inner monologues were funny at times and I think she was a very rational and easy to love character.

Jake is a dream (literally) ... I find it hard to believe that he waited twelve years for one girl that he could have found all along and the thoughtfulness that he possess is just out of this world!

The writing style was plain and normal, and grammatical errors were plenty and all over, but it was manageable and I got through okay.

I really wish the other characters were expounded upon a little bit more, as I feel that the supporting characters barely said anything or existed at all, but I still love the open and non judgmental relationship they all had.

The sex scenes were few and not steamy at all (sorry!) ... based off the descriptions of the sex scenes, they could have been omitted and the story would still go on.
For a self proclaimed bedroom man, Jake was made out to be such a softy in bed and even Will's sex seemed more spicy, whilst still not described to get you going at all.

For a book set in England, it was really lacking in the form of an English experience, and could have easily been set anywhere a hotel and Starbucks is. Only specific land marks in Europe, differentiated the locations traveled.

I felt the book was a little rushed and with a few more pages and a lot of supporting characters interventions and dialogues, this could have been a blow you out of the water book!
A lot wasn't explained or written for you to feel and relate, and as such, some very important parts, like Jake's drug habits and family relations were not delivered like how I would have wanted.

Other than the attraction, (and even that at times), the feelings and emotions weren't boring, but they were definitely flat.

With that being said though, I still would read book 2 and I just hope that the time is taken for us to feel with the characters and get a better rock experience.
It was a bittersweet ending, because even with so much lacking, I still wanted more of Tru and Jake!

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