Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Avoiding Responsibility By K.A. Linde


And Lexi has redeemed her self for the win!

Talk about perfect follow up, you got it right here baby!!!

So as usual, Lexi has the craziest week any individual can have while we are also taken back a year in the past, for our usual past and present catch up (great  writing style btw ...) were we get to see her and Ramsey's (still don't like this name) year of being together as well as the month they spent apart and how they re kindle in the present.

However, my girl Lexi got her groove back ... and this time the dreaded phone call wasn't so dreaded and she awoke in the arms of a sexy ass man! (minus his controlling qualities ... but who can't this chica tame ;) )

I was thoroughly surprised that Jack/Lexi situations were kept to a minimum and that we got to focus on the awesomeness that is Lexi and Ramsey!

The cameo of Clark was funny, witty and a really lovely addition to the novel. I see Ms. Linde had a soft spot for this character :)

The showdown of the groomsmen and Lexi in the suite was a really good and necessary touch, I felt the power with every step she took. Sometimes it's all about getting it all out there and standing your ground.

The addition of Parker, I think balanced out the love/hate past both Lex and Ramsey has. So while I know what the chick is hoping to accomplish, I don't mind her presence as long as she doesn't over step her boundaries.

The way Alexa stood up for herself throughout the book, but especially at the end, made me very proud and I had to do a fist pump for her. They say sometimes if we could see the world out of someone else's eyes, it'd be totally different, and I think that final Bekah/Jack encounter did her in and gave her the push she should have gotten from day one.

I really love Adam for Chyna and as I go over to Avoiding Intimacy, I really hope it works out, because he is exactly what she needs and deserve and  I like the pseudo-friendship between him and Lexi.

When it's all said and done, we had a few cliffhangers, as I wanna know if Brandon just faded out of the book, I wanna see if Bekah  really went ahead with the wedding and I wanna see what it's like when she's pregnant (which is only a matter of time with Jack's sex drive and Bekah's scheming ways). I also really wanna see what happens with the Parker situation and I really wish Lexi and Ramsey can get some quiet and be blissfully happy! Thank you for a good ending to transition to the next installment.

P.S. Missed my lyrics in this one ...


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