Sunday, 3 March 2013

Find you in the dark by A. Meredith Walters

Riveting! (Always wanted to say that)

This was totally unexpected! I judged the book by the cover and expected another angst filled teen drama novel but I was thoroughly surprised, shocked and pleased.

I was a 75% fan of Mrs. Walters after I read Bad Rep, but I will definitely read another book from her if it's like this one.

This was a well timed, written and polished novel that made me want more without being too jittery.

I believe that Clay and Maggie story was beautifully written and executed.

I always like to learn from a novel and this one touched so many subjects.

I even teared up at some parts near the end.

I really am glad I didn't judge this book before I gave it a read because I was really pleased with the structure and look forward which much anticipation for the sequel.

Let's just say I couldn't get enough!

Thank you Ms. Walters for a well written novel with just the right balance.

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