Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Whew! I really worked Google translate with this one!

Still ... I am on the fence not certain which side to climb down on.

The book was real, I'll give it that, but I just didn't get the connection I was looking for. It was devoid of most emotions or at least devoided, (not sure if it's a real word) , me of most emotions.

The conversations between Brittany and her parents were, flat, non-emotional and very surreal if you ask me. I never once saw a family. If that was the aim, it was brilliantly executed!

So ... the Spanish ... hmmm .... that was a love hate relationship. I loved learning bits of Spanish, but it got annoying at times when it was a full on sentence and I have to type it out in Google translate. I understand the element it adds to the book and while it is truly appreciated, it was also truly frustrating. But it's charms won me over, so I think I'd love to do it again because to get a good story and get a language lesson in one sitting is rare indeed!

I think the story line was a nice twist from your usual high school stories, and it was Alex's side of the story that I looked forward to the most. He kept me on my toes and if you really asked me, brought out most of the emotions that I felt in this book (which were few).

Brittany ... Brittany ... I'm with Isa on this one, it is definitely possible to dislike her character, but then on the other hand you just can't. I was annoyed and pissed with her decisions a lot of the times. I feel as though she is very naive and her naivety is what got *spoiler alert* Paco killed.

The supporting characters, had their times, but I believe that if Sierra and Doug were completely excluded and Paco and Carmen given more parts, it would make one spicy book!
I am also really sorry that * spoiler alert* Isa and Paco didn't get a chance to even get their own story ... because I believe they out of every one else in this book deserved a sequel all for them!

The end of the book, I felt was really rushed and the timeline for the epilogue was just ridiculous! Made even more so by the fact that it wasn't even about Alejandro (I like his given name) :) and Brittany.

However, it wasn't as enticing as previous reviews led me to believe, but it surely caught and kept my attention though. Especially with all the Spanish all up in there!

Not so certain if I would continue the series, but I have an open mind and think that if you don't mind a real story, with a few bumps on the way, then it's a comfortable read.


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