Sunday, 31 March 2013

Marco's Redemption By Lynda Chance

Ahmm ....

Do you know when your reading a book and you just wanna skip a few parts because you wanna solve a mystery or see a decision and can't wait for the suspense? ... well, her it is without the suspense, titled Marco's Redemption.

Well that was a whirlwind of I don't know what ... I know i'm suppose to feel an emotion right now but I am truly and honestly blank -_- *crickets*

Re-written and without all the omissions, this story had potential. As it is now, it's a draft. I am starting to wonder if my copy was an unfinished manuscript because no way that could be a story!

The time span kept getting bigger to the end, there are sooooooo much unanswered questions and unfinished business that it's tilting my head. I can't wrap my mind around who Marco Donati is and all I can come up with is that he has serious mental and trust issues.

Natalie is a case all by herself .... she tries to not be everything that she is, from naive to just plain silly!

There is no depth at all, I got a tiny bit of information about Natalie and I know not a single memorable or intimate thing about Marco except for when he lost his virginity.

The characters were not developed at all and to tell you the truth, I don't know if the story even had a climax, because it struck the same tone throughout. A grade schooler could submit this as a paper, minus the sex scenes.

Event that also, held no steam at all ... didn't even get a damn nipple stiff! Like get something right!

There were hints all over, but nothing was covered and every damn thing was left vague. I still have so many questions and wanna know so much more. I don't even know what he wanted redemption from and if he got it. Things happened so fast that I was surprised to see that I had reach the end, and had to be skipping back to see if maybe I accidentally missed out some pages.

I have completed the book and still don't know what the hell happened in between the scene at the bank and the ending. I wanted to check the time to see if time froze or something, because this book made no sense whatsoever with regards to timelines, situations and decisions.

And the messed up thing is, based on how the book began, I expected so much and thought that we would receive so much from it, but then they got together and it was shit from there!

Everything happened in a jumble with no explanation and before I know it *spoiler alert* she's married with  has four and a half kids ... like WTF tho! *end of spoiler alert*

This was such a promising story, with a disappointing deliverance.

There goes my Sunday!

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