Saturday, 30 March 2013

Color of Loneliness By Madeleine Beckett

Who strains their shit .... If that doesn't make you see the craziness that is this book I don't know what will!!

Ok, so Myra is well ... lonely and Dylan is ... well ... angry. Jackie is .... annoying and Suzie steals the show every time!!

So this story is set in Nyssa Oregon and follows Myra as she tries to move on from a really messed up relationship and the loneliness she feels. However, the chick couldn't move to a more lonely place, with no job (yeh, so smart this one ...)

Anyways, she meets and starts bonding with Dylan before and after another tragedy (cause this chick can't get a break). So we follow them as Dylan tries to share his past and Myra tries to get over her insecurities.

The color for each passage was really nice and I swore they would run out of colors, but they stayed true and I was glad for the refresher course in colors and feelings and it was good to learn a few more.

I was also pleased with the little snippets from Myra's book, as I was just as surprised as Dylan when I heard what kind of book she'd be writing. The story within the story so far seems interesting and well written (If that's even possible)

I am still on the fence about Myra's character as I can't really place her, she is so over the place that her decision at the end of the book doesn't come as a shock to me. Dylan on the other hand, I think would be perfect  if he wasn't so all up in hid head all the time.

Overall though, this was a very vague story that has you guessing a lot and trying to put the pieces together. I am even starting to wonder if their's a damn ghost in this book!

I am glad for the phone calls between Suzie and Myra cause they are the funniest and always have me cackling away like crazy but a little clarity wouldn't kill! I be guessing all the way to the bank and I am in both characters minds.

Whilst we have never met Suzie's husband, the guy is hilarious and I love those phone calls even more so I can get my Jeff fix ... the belly fat story was genius!!

Jackie I think is in the story to drive us all crazy, but I think Myra would be even crazier without the little bubble of sunshine.

The few other inconsiderate players give us a commercial break and well ... I like seeing Dylan pissed ;)

Anyways, over to Color of Forgiveness I go and hope that this all gets cleared up cause I really wanna know what's going on myself!

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