Saturday, 16 March 2013

Wait for you by J.Lynn

Some call it cocky but I call it confidence .... words to live by for Cam Hamilton.

So, Avery is a survivor and Cam is as understandable, persistent and loving as they get.

My emotions are kind of mixed on this one.

This story held a flat note to me, but for some reason, when it ended I still wanted to know what's next ... (makes no sense to me)

Anyways, I liked the dynamic of Avery and Cam's relationship. The playful banter was welcomed and the multiple ways to have sex without actually having sex was welcomed and gave me a few ideas ;)

I understand that she needed friends, but the characters of Jacob and Brittany (especially Jacob) were kind of unnecessary and I would be good with just Cam and Avery for this book. (Actually, Avery alone would also be just fine) It could have been an autobiography told by her and not acted out and I'd be just good.

Avery is a stand alone character that doesn't really need anyone to make her interesting, she does it all on her own and some of the best parts of the book for me, was the ones she had with herself.

I connected with one character in this book, Avery!

I never felt the relationships and other characters that much, but Avery kind of did it for me and I'm good with that.

The storyline is one that have been written and read over and over again, just one that was actually legally binding, so it didn't really hold much excitement for me.

However, in the end I was pleased with this story, and felt like I could connect to a friend like Avery. More closure would be nice, but I'll settle with this one.

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