Sunday, 17 March 2013

Point of Retreat By Colleen Hoover

What the butterfly just happened?

How is it possible that I fall in love with these crazy characters all over again and don't even feel like Julia is really gone?

If ever a set of people to have tragedy and handle it with the utmost grace and resolve, it's the characters of Point of Retreat.

I had no Point of Retreat in this one. I literally start reading it the moment I got it (10:30pm) and didn't retreat until my Kindle said 100% (2:40am)

The introduction of Sherry and Kiersten was not in the least bit awkward and the fit in perfectly and the story just continued to flow.

Whilst I missed my Avett Brothers quotes, it was not too shabby to be in the mind of Will Cooper. Who knew sappy guys brains could be so level? Still, I would have preferred it from Layken's POV especially since she just lost Julia and I love that Will's mind was always a mystery to us. The clarity from earlier events in book one was appreciated and for that I can't be too mad.

Once again, the drama was ever present and so many issues were broached in this 300 page novel and all were rectified with clarity and grace. I am starting to believe that Ms. Hoover has a talent for solving any problem (maybe she has a purple clip) :)

I found myself at one point really pissed at Layken because like ... c'mon! It's Will were talking about here. He mad a bad move yeah, but no need to break up the whole chess game!

I was glad that Eddie and Gavin were kept in this book and the family bond that these group of eclectic people formed. Their unconventional ways were conventional to them and it was refreshing to see a weird set of people show you that life can be normal for everybody, it's just that we all have different normals.

The events and situations in this book might be unreal for some, but reality for others and I am glad I had the opportunity to read this book, because if ever a time come when I find myself in any of these situations, I would love to re-read this book and know that life goes on, so to butterfly with it all!

My suck for this week was that I didn't read the Slammed series sooner and my sweet is right here, now that I have found it!

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