Monday, 11 March 2013

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Well, let's start off by saying Happy Birthday to me, and it was an utmost pleasure to finish reading this incredible (wink) novel, on my birthday.

I guess sometimes reviews don't lie.

The story line, while not the most original, was executed brilliantly!

Apart from a few times when I wasn't aware of the switch in a scene, I thoroughly enjoyed Sky aka Hope and Dean's journey.

This book whilst about sexual abuse, is also about how beautiful the mind is designed and the capabilities of that of a 5 year olds brain.

I was glad that each character was an individual and didn't have to rely on anyone to show their true colors.
I appreciate the eclectic mix of characters and their lifestyles.

I honestly love Sky, because minus the tragedies and bad decisions she made before she found Holder, she is what most teen girls who are bullied should aspire to be.

I love the sexy, strong confidence that she oozed and I was honored to have gotten the story from her POV, as it was refreshing and filled me with a lot of emotions.

Holder was an intense character and as such, these two were emotionally light years ahead of that of two 17 and 18 years olds.
He was passionate, sincere, loyal, trustworthy, mature and above all, rational! (hardly find that in teen dramas these days)

I loved this book from beginning to end and appreciated the writing styles (even down to the hours, as I have never experienced that writing style before).

I believe that Ms. Hoover made a very serious and troubling every day occurrence, into an intriguing and well written novel that peeled back the layers and got you to understand down to the core.

I liked the three way link between Karen, Sky aka Hope and Les. It showed not only each character's struggle, but the different paths, similar situations can push us.

Whilst I am sorry for the path Les chose, I am fully satisfied with the outcome and events of this book.

Not everyone could get justice, and this was by no means a happy ending, but it was closure and at the end of the day, it's all I need from a book!

P.S. Happy Birthday to me :)

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