Friday, 22 March 2013

Young Love Murder By April Brookshire

Not another teen book for sure!

So Annabelle is an assassin hired to kill Xavier Sanchez and Gabriel Sanchez is his son ... can you say drama!

This book contained a whole more drama than your regular teen novel, but that's probably because it contains a lot of murder by people who are ether barely reaching or just reaching 21.

We are taken on a journey as Anna tries to complete her job of killing Gabriel's father and keeping his love.
We are literally taken all over the world, were we see different countries and culture and get to solve these ridiculous puzzles and clues to go from one mystery to the next.

Let's just say that Gabriel and Anna's story is a very ... strange one! Throw in a bunch of trigger happy teenage killers and you have one hell of a story!

I loved the series of events (even the bad ones) and how we got to see it from both Anna and Gabe's POV.
I was a little worried with the amount of drama in the first 28% of the book, but I was quick to find that the drama never ends, and it only gets better!

The supporting characters were always introduced at the just the right time to make a scene dynamic!

I was a little surprise after Gabe and Anna's disagreement that more retaliation wasn't taken on Gabe and again when they met in Greece.

Either Ms. Brookshire has a little assassin blood in her or she has a very active and bordering on real imagination!

I appreciated the letters Gabe wrote Anna when they were apart for two years, and for a minute there had the same belief as Gabriel. I had my doubts, but I still wasn't sure.

The relationship with Anna, Jackson and Simon, while an unconventional one, I truly adores. (Maybe even envied) Afterall, who wouldn't want a little spy action in their life!

I'm glad I had the chance to read this one, because it's definitely not your normal teen book, and this one will keep you on your toes.

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