Sunday, 24 March 2013

Avoiding Commitment By K.A. Linde

This book makes you wanna slap a bitch!

I'm not certain why it's titled Avoiding Commitment, because these two were very much committed to lying to everyone and committing to cheating on everyone they are with. They might not be able to commit to other people but they surely commit to each other.

If there ever was  fool in love, it was Alexa Walsh and if ever there was a player who considered no one but him self, it was Jack .

Call me a cynic but was this girl one of the three blind mice? I almost didn't wanna finish because this girl made me want to slap the shit out of her!!!
Isn't love suppose to lift you up and shit? Cause this love is a train wreck! And the sad part about it is that this chick is hot and gets some of the most amazing boyfriends, so I can't fathom how one idiot continually allows her to degrade herself and feel like a damn fool!

This was a drama filled story that left me angry so much but I couldn't help finish reading it. I liked the contrast from years before and the present and how they were basically making the same mistakes over and over again.

I found that sometimes I prefer the past and other times I craved the present. The span of time was very realistic but it still hurt me to see that this woman couldn't see this idiot for what he really is!

Jack is such a coward and I honestly believe that he loves her and want her, but he seems to want everyone else around him also.

Bekah, Bekah, Bekah ... If ever there was an idiot it is her. Let's begin with the fact that she is engaged to the biggest liar I have ever come across and the fact that he'd have sex with anything in a skirt and yet still, she think it's a prize!

I am 100% sure that even if they have kids he will continue to cheat on her. He can't help himself. I honestly believe that this man is sick and need help! Better yet, he needs to be single. I can't see how much damn charm this one man can have to hurt so many women over the years!

I believe that Alexia will always be his kryptonite but not even her can fully bring him to his knees.

Ramsey's .... the jury is still out on this one. The glimpses I got of him wasn't enough to let me know if I want him and Alexia to be together.
Even though she was to part to blame for some of the hardships she went through, cause she's old enough to know right from wrong, I really want this girl to find the right man to treat her with some damn respect so that she can know what real love is suppose to be like.

Chyna is just ... the most real and supportive friend ever. A friend who doesn't judge and tell it like it is, is a person I want in my corner any day!
She will drop everything at a dime for you and that's all you can ask for in a friend!

In the end, I really wanted to be proud of Lexi when she finally stick it to Jack, but what it took to take her to that decision I don't believe was enough and took her too damn long to open her eyes. I really wanted to be proud of her but honestly I couldn't feel it.

However, I'm glad that she finally came to her senses and I'm heading over to Avoiding Responsibility to see if Lexi can redeem herself in this one. Cause she really needs some redemption!

P.S. really loved the lyrics at the beginning of the chapters. Had me singing a few!

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