Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cloud Walking by A. Meredith Walters

Cloud Walking was more a synopsis of Find yo u in the Dark from Daniel and Rachel's POV

With no real depth or emotion, this took me about three (3) hours tops if even so much to finish read it. (and no, it's not because its a hundred page novella)

I really think that if Rachel and Daniel were to get a story, it should have been in a totally different setting with much more depth (Afterall, the girl waited 12 years to get the boy!)

Still, it had it's moments and surprises that I never even knew existed. (Like Daniel's talk with Clay).

While this novella answered little if any question, it was nice to know what Daniel and Rachel spoke about in the cabin, even if it wasn't much nor what I expected.

I still believe Find you in the dark is a lovely, well written novel and any little bit of insight into Clay and Maggie is always welcome.

Guess we all don't like love that's only about Cloud Walking.

Always a sucker for a little Bi-polar love :)

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