Thursday, 28 March 2013

Light in the Shadows By A. Meredith Walters

Should have got in Clay's mind sooner ...

So, this installment started off slow for me, and I kept saying when will they reunite and what will it be like!
In true Clay and Maggie fashion, it was all about them regardless of where they were.

I have to agree with Maggie an d say I missed some of the drama from book 1, but book 2 held just the right vibe and I could have read the whole story in Clay's POV only, he was funny, witty, charming, entertaining, insightful and the list goes on.

I was saddened by  the events that brought them together, and wish that could have been different. However, I think only a big event could have brought back Clay so we could have this lovely story.

A level headed Clay was much better and while serious issues were highlighted, the other route was welcomed and held just as much interest as the crazy Clay.

The turnaround in most people's attitude was shocking but welcome and the realistic feel this story created was good and kept i very real and interesting.

Maria was tamer than I thought she would be written into the book and I had hoped for Tyler to make another appearance outside of the center but based on his problems, that's probably not for the best.

Clay's decision making was far better than alot of sane and older people and had me wondering if he was even crazy anymore. Being inside is mind was good for me as a reader as I always wanted to know what was going on there, and it also helped me to sort through the decisions he made.

I saw that Rachel and Daniel are still walking on clouds and Jake was quite the inconvenience!

However, while a lot less drama presented in this book, it carried the right pace and mellow that was needed for this installment. The timelines were realistic and the closing was real and even though it had me wanting more happiness for the couple, I was content with how much they had grown and the path each were taking.

Thank you for a real beautiful story about mental illnesses and the people who have and have to be around it. Ways to deal were highlighted and a piece of hope was placed on each page regardless of the situation.

Could have asked for more in the ending, but I'm content with what I got and proud that some of my assumptions for the end was right on point.

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