Thursday, 21 March 2013

Poughkeepsie By Debra Anastasia

Poughkeepsie ... what a little town!

If I had the backing of Beckett and Eve I'd surely move there :)

This one had me thinking a lot in the beginning and as the story unfolded, so did the lives of every character involved ... surprisingly, except for John.

Poughkeepsie is mostly centered around Livia and Blake with their unconventional meeting and how their life unraveled and linked with all the other characters.

The different elements of this story were welcomed and some what fascinating as well as enlightening. The relationship between all the characters flowed naturally and the loyalty and brotherhood showed between Blake, Beckett and Cole are stronger than most families I know. (The vomiting scene!)

I can not reckon how a man in Blake's position managed to stay so centered and sane and kept me laughing more than the other characters who were more stable than himself. He brought a certain aura to the story that no one else could. It was nice to see a male character over analyze a relationship for a change.

Within this story, you some how found a way to love even the murderers who were a bit extreme if you asked me, but that's also what made you love and admire them even more. (Go Mouse!)

This story was filled with an overwhelming amount of emotions that left you drained one minute and energized diving head first the next. The story line, characters, events, setting were on point and beautifully executed. No stone was left unturned!

I'm normally not a fan of narrative writing, but I believe that it was very necessary in this book, because with such a diverse cast, one person could have never told this story. I've never read anything like this and I am so pissed with myself that I waited so long to try this book after getting so many recommendations!

The characters of Cole and Kyle were polar opposites and I still can't understand them, but such is life!

Beckett and Eve I believe should have their own short story because these  two are fire!! If Eve took my man I would concede victory because c'mon the girl has it all! #teameve

The mix with social media was a little off for me, but it was manageable. I found it down right hilarious everything that came out of Breckett's mouth, especially his texts. I could listen tot him all day!

I know that technically justice was or is on  the verge of being done where Breckett is concerned, but I would have just loved if the book could have been written for him to find his peace and happiness too. It's only fair, even though I know he has some sins to attest to, but a fighting chance would have been nice. Ain't asking for his baptism, just a little salvation!

This one will give you a good emotional kick! A lot of things to experience in this book and I am glad I had the opportunity to read it. Makes me think more than I use to when I see a homeless person, it also reinforced my mantra of seeing people but not really knowing who they are. We should all practice to show love regardless of who the person is and I hope that in reading this book, we can all walk away a better person, or heading in that direction.

Thanks for a really good read!

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