Sunday, 31 March 2013

Color of Forgiveness By Madeleine Beckett

So ... forgiveness all around in this book.

However, it seems that Myra has to always be forgiving Dylan, but afterall, he did say he will mess things up and boy did he mess things up all the time!!

So the usual characters were present, and the vibe was just the same with a very bubble bursting happiness all around.

As usual, Chad kept me stunned and laughing along with Suzie and good 'ol Jeff! I live to hear Suzie's situations on those phone calls. I don't think she could have a better friend.

Jackie kept talking as usual and I am also happy that despite all the struggles, she also got her happy ending.

There was most definitely a ghost and that parted scared me a little with the suspense. Had me turning on the tv to get some company!

I wasn't shocked as to who the stalker was, as it could be expected, but I was still a  little taken aback because I never thought the person was that looney!

I actually like Sabrina in this one and saw her as more than the scheming ex wife. I was thrilled to see that she got a little piece of mind also.

Myra totally kicked ass in this one! I was a little pissed with her when she stuck with Dylan after his melt down, but I was glad how she stood up for herself, her relationship and to the stalker.

Once again, I loved the colors at the beginning of each chapter and was pleased with the emphasis that were stated on specific events of the book, like the birth of their first child.

Even though the book got a little winded for me at some parts, I still think it was beautifully written as we journey with the characters through loneliness, love, grief, heartbreak, fear and so many other emotions.

Events were fully described down to a pin and I only wish that we got a few more lines from Myra's novels.

The epilogues (yes there had to be two!) was some of the longest I have ever read, they seemed like two additional chapters, but they were filled with peace, clarity and happiness, something that this couple and their friends and family needed.

It was good to see the older kids grown up and the younger ones form bonds. Everyone was accounted for in the end, regardless of their fate, and I believe that is very important to any novel especially one full of so much raw and emotional events like this one.

The tributes to MEL were a really nice touch. We should all have a daddy and stepmom like Myra.

This was a nice read that had a lot of elements and layers to it, as the secrets are revealed early and the closures make even the reader feel content. I would definitely recommend this one.

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