Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Gamble by Kristen Ashley

Thorough !!!

This book was like a literature present. You had everything tied up in
a beautiful bow.

There was love, romance, drama, suspense, comedy. There was a scene
and chapter for every one.

Important and daily issues that face a wide array of people were
touched and sorted beautifully!

I loved Max and Nina chemistry and I completely adored Nina' s character.
It was a welcomed change from the usual young love and swooning.

Even with her neurotic ways and rambling, she was a really good
heroine and her witty banter and conversations with almost everyone is
to die for.

I was  also such a big fan of Niles, his role was hilarious and If one
thing I would have wanted, is for him to have a one on one with Nina

I loved the conversations Nina had with Charlie and how at the end we
got a peek into Max' s mind as well as Anna.

Whilst at times the conversations felt unnecessary and could have been
removed (hence the word thorough), they eventually added to the grand
scheme of things.

This book mellowed me out much and I looked forward to curling up with
this one.

The mystery was just that and had you making guesses right to the end.

I loved each character and what they added. This was a fantastic and
well written book.

I am officially a Kristen Ashley fan and can't wait to continue my
Colorado Mountains collection!

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