Monday, 4 March 2013

Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik

Epic Fail was an Epic Rush (And not what you are thinking)

I honestly expected more based on the reviews I saw of this one and the two chapters I got at the end of reading 'The Trouble with Flirting'.

So to say I was swiping away looking for more pages when the story ended would be an understatement.

It's like there was a challenge to fit in a story within 309 pages.

I wasn't disappointed with the story, as I have come to learn that Mrs. LaZebnik is a precision writer who definitely knows how to write a good story, but I just expected a little more depth and time.

While it's similar but different in alot of things I have read, I think it was well written but could use a little more strength for all the characters as I still feel like I hardly know them.

Not my favorite read of the week, but a nice read nonetheless.

I would really like to finally read a strong and lengthy novel from Mrs. LaZebnik, as I adore her writing style and whoever edits her books is a genius, as errors, of any sort, grammatical or otherwise is none.

I feel like the book ended with two much questions, I would love to know the level of Jules and Chase relationship, what Chelsea did when she found out about Derrick and Elise, a lot more on Georgia and even Layla and Kaitlyn as well as Gifford would be welcomed.

I just felt like the story abruptly ended.

I wasn't even afforded the chance to feel any form of emotion about this book or form  a bond with any of the characters.

While a well written book, I just didn't get much for this book, It was shallow to say the least and nothing, not even behaviors or otherwise was sorted out for us the readers.

I didn't even figure out where the climax of the story was until now when writing this review I figure it was both at the beach and premiere (just tryna help a reader out)

Still, don't knock it until you try it!

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