Saturday, 16 March 2013

Slammed by Colleen Hoover

What did I just read and where can I get more ???? o.O

And how did I not know about The Avett Brothers and why have I only just discovered them? Where was this treasure buried ... in the Ocean or the Lake?

I'm tryna find a character to hate and I can't (not even Javi) because Colleen Hoover is a damn genius who turns, tragedy and drama into everyday life that seems as simple as brushing your teeth.

This book could have gone in soo many different directions, due to all the drama or drama inspired events, but they were written to be executed perfectly!

There was an emotion that I am pretty sure I should have felt throughout this entire book ... sad. I just couldn't do it until the literal end letter of the book and its not because I should, it's because the situation also made me sad.

Wow ... I was blown away with all the different situations and emotions portrayed int his book by more than one character. I was also thoroughly pleased that whilst they weren't college-aged or adults, they were already or turning 18 so the extra stress of counting down to the big 1-8 were avoided.

I loved every poetry piece in this novel and I knew I would from the first piece was introduced.

This was not only a novel, it was a manual on life! (Deep stuff, I know! )

Her writing style once again was thoroughly appreciated, because I looked forward to my few lines from The Avett Brothers to start me off and even played the song on Youtube in the background whilst I read (Nerdy, I know!)

I was schooled and sent home to my momma with this one! I was just losing faith in YA novels when I decided to try Slammed as my final one before I switch genre and now I am back and hungrier than ever to invest all my free time in this drama, especially if it's written by Ms. Hoover.

If ever you are having a sad, mad, bad, whatever ... just a day, then this is the book for you!

I believe the combination of Ms. Hoover and the Avett Brothers was a dynamic one and I am thrilled to have not only found another favourite, but found a good band and different outlook on life ... yep, I got that and much more from a book that I ignored for months because of the cover that I thought was lame. Goes to show life really wants us to fight it so we can get to the good parts!

Stop being lazy and get a copy of this book so you can get to the good parts that might just help lift a fog that's in your life right now.

P.S. I'm off to read book 2, Point of Retreat, now. I really wished they could have just ended how they did in this book, but I have hope, faith and trust that Ms. Hoover won't break Layken and Will's heart, because all our hearts would probably break too and I wanna stay a fan :)

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