Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Reckless by S.C. Stephens

There's this bittersweet feeling you get when you follow a journey through years, and it's come to a close. That's exactly what I am feeling right now.

Last year I thought March 5, 2013 was a ridiculously long time and now I'm wishing I could go back to June 11, 2011 when the 1st Thoughtless was released, so I could enjoy this love story again and feel everything I have felt for this trilogy.

I must admit that the tension and drama within Reckless, while could have been more, with all the possibilities, it was tamer than the previous books. However, I still couldn't get enough of Kellan and Keira (yes Keira too, obviously she's the narrator, so without her there wouldn't even be any Kellan stories)

I appreciated how the stories developed from a guy and a girl embarking on life together, to a group filled with so much love and support that with them you would need nothing else in this world.

This book is a look at the guys life as success takes a hold of them and Keira struggles to be a strong wife for Kellan while he struggles to do what's best for the band.

I absolutely loved Keira in this installment, she was fearless, confident. This was the one book that I didn't wanna bitch slap her, which she got anyway (Isn't karma a bitch!)

I loved how we got more involved in not only Keira and Kellan but the other characters. Everyone's past and future were highlighted or hinted at some point in this novel.

I got to see in the mind of an author, while I visit a rock show and still got my Griffin fill (I'm actual a fan of Griffen :) )

Whilst I will agree with a few people when they say this story wasn't as thrilling if compared to the previous installments, it held it's own and even with tragedy, betrayal, trust issues and so much more, they all prevailed and formed relationships that some people would kill just to get a hint of.

I loved the few lyrics that we were privy to in the novel and was glad to see that Kellan still had his little trail games that always kept me smiling with Keira also. I could feel the love these two share and the determination the Kellan possessed to make his marriage work with Keira.

With an ending that seems a little unstable to me, as I could definitely see myself diving into a Book 4, I think they all deserve their happy ending and I am glad to share this series with a fabulous set of characters.

The growth, changes and struggles that each book portrayed, I was thoroughly pleased and sated and would really just want one favour .... atleast a novella from Kellan's POV would be awesome!
For I sure wanna know what goes on in that pretty head of his.

I think I will definitely re-read this series as some point like I did with Fifty Shades of Grey, because I just can't and don't wanna get enough of Kellan Kyle.



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