Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Edge of Never By J.A. Redmerski

Ok, so honestly, this was a lovely story, but it wasn't an I-can't-put-this-down novel. It was interesting, it had  a really nice plot, characters and got you going a few times.

It's obvious that the author tries not to be conventional, so the POVs don't move chapter to chapter, it changes when she feels like changing it.

The story I must say was a beautiful one, about love, pain, challenge, illness and finding yourself amidst all the crap life throws our way. If only we could all hit the road like Camryn and Andrew.

I loved the different elements to this story, but so much was hidden until the very last chapter (literally), and then it was all piled on us.

The epilogue-like ending (once again she is standing outside the box) was welcomed, even though it gave me a little mini heart attack in the beginning, but then everything seemed unrealistically rushed and it has me wondering if that's why there will be a book 2.

I must however note that I wish it just ended as is, because not only don't I not want these two to have any more problems, but rushed or not, it was a good and fitting ending to Camryn and Andrew's story. If anything, they should have given Blake and Natalie their story.

There were a few highlight worthy lines, especially by Andrew, and I was pleased that we got the story from both ends. I just wished we would have learned the problem sooner and get to embark on that journey with them, as I believe it would hold more interest than the carefree one we were presented with.

I realize a predominant theme of wanting everything to be abnormal. I-love-you's weren't spoken and it was all easy breezy fun with a hint of death, sadness, longing, lies and liberation. This aspect though, was welcomed and the ability to get a piece of Greek mythology gets me every time!

We didn't really get a chance to connect with the other characters, especially when Andrew and Camryn hit the road, but I am not so sure if it's a missing element or something that was better done without.

The middle of this story was heavy with unnecessary chatter, that could have been replaced with some excitement or something memorable, as the author seems to like to take her imagination a step further.

Anyway, this was a nice story, that lagged in the beginning then got so intense and real in the last chapter (literally), just when I was really getting into it and all sorts of emotions were being drawn from me.
Regardless, I can't wait for book 2 and hope we get a little bit more passion in this one!

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