Monday, 15 April 2013

Beneath This Man By Jodi Ellen Malpas

Well that was intense!

Just when I think Jesse has got his shit together, he ups and do more shit!

Ava is one complex character. The girl never does what I expect of her and I fucking love her for it! Both her and Jesse keeps me on my toes!

Shout out for the use of Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People as that is one of my all time favourite songs and band. Had me singing along even when that section was finish.

I was glad to see the usual players and get a more in depth view of The Manor ... mixed feelings all about for me on this one! It's part of what I expected but still lacking in some ways for me.

Peanut butter was back! :)

I totally got the concept and the title and was pleased that this installment ended on a high even with trouble lurking. The continuous cliffhangers were killing me!

The sex scenes while still explosive were fewer, but still as satisfying and validating. And it was good to see Ava take control in one. Girl was good!

While not from Jesse's POV as I would have liked, I was thoroughly pleased and will be having Jesse and Ava withdrawal!

I am impatient to see how it all ends, and I hope for a little less problems for Ava and Jesse. They deserve a little peace. Can't wait to get to the last book to wrap it all up.

This is a beautiful story with rather interesting characters and I am glad I stumbled upon it, because it hit just the right spot!

There were a lot of elements to work with and through and they were beautifully developed and executed!

I love the fact that you can see the characters growing and the questions been answered as well as the integration of family.

While still being Jesse, he has really grown in this installment and I would really love to see him and Ava's character grow to be more comfortable with each other, so when the series conclude, there will be no doubts as there is now.

This installment had a little more drama than the last and I can just imagine the drama the final installment will entail. There will be a lot to overcome and I can't wait!!

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