Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Until Fountain Bridge By Samantha Young

Adam and Ellie's epic romance story.

This was a really creative, interesting and compelling way to direct a story, and I found myself going through a whole lot more emotions with an 8 chapter novella than I did with On Dublin Street.

It was good to have a complicated uncomplicated romance (don't even know if that made any sense). It made you relax and enjoy a journey that ended with more than expected.

The sex scenes were just what I expected and a few times that Adam touched Ellie, I found myself shivering too.

I loved how you got a map of Ellie's life from such a tender age and this girl has so many layers that each time you peel back one you love her more (afterall, if Joss can love her, who can't?)

A few scenes from On Dublin Street were re-enacted from their POV and it made it feel like a whole new scene, and surprisingly the health scare made me much more calm to hear it from Ellie than it did from Joss. it's as if Joss was more terrified than Ellie.

As sweet as she is, Ellie also showed that things were done to her from a tender age and that just like the other characters, she made mistakes and poor decisions (the virginity story was sad!)

Either way, you still love her and she and Adam's story was full of different elements and made for a lot more interesting of a read than that of Joss and Braden (yup! no lie)

I believe this novella started well and ended at the correct point in time. It was excellently written and other than a few editing errors, it was flawless!

Thanks again for a great novella and I look forward to Down London Road, cause I wanna see what Jo gets herself into this time.  

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