Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rock the Band By Michelle A. Valentine

Redemption for Lanie! .... courtesy of Noel obviously!

I'm glad the novella was by Noel because I could take so much and no
more of selfish Lanie.

This book made me fall in love with Noel all over again .... how sweet
can a guy be!

I love that we got to see the band again and it totally cleared up my
mind about Riff ... he's a keeper alright!

The twins were blended in more and while short and sweet, it had a
really nice fill!

I'm glad we got to meet Noel' s dad in this one and got to see how he
interacts with both parents.

Once again, the ending left sooo much for you to ponder on, I would
say Ms. Valentine isn't too keen on endings, they are always so

Even with a shadow being placed over Striker, I still like him and
believe that it's just one more guy too good for Lanie.

However, it was a sweet little novella that hit the spot. Can't wait
for Riff and Aubrey' s story!

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