Saturday, 6 April 2013

Walking Disaster By Jamie McGuire

It's like reading a totally different story about two different characters.

As soon as he started to describe certain scenes, I remembered it from Abby's POV but it ddidn't detract in no way, if anything, it enhanced the scene and shed a new light.

I always wondered what was going on in Travis's head and my was I shocked to find out that he really was the aggressor. I thought he was subtle, but a mastermind behind the scenes is what he was.

I was glad to see the dynamic of Shep and Travis and a lot of filler scenes were added, that made this story uniquely Travis's own .

A lot of things were learned about Travis that I knew nothing about from reading book 1 and I fell in love with this character all over again!

I was always Team Travis, even from book 1, and I found myself hating Abby at parts in the book, because boy did she have issues! Drama should be this girl's middle name, especially for someone who tries to stay far away from it.

Even with scenes from book 1, told by Travis, it was very much different and a few dialogue that wasn't present in book 1 surfaced, and we went deep within issues and skipped over others that were closed from Abby's POV and didn't need to be re-opened for Travis book.

I loved the relationship between Travis and his family, especially Trenton and the opening scene was a good way to further explain the dynamic that is the Maddox family.

I thought I would get bored, because I would basically be reading over a book I already read, but it kept me thinking, piecing things together and making conclusions like I never saw the situation before.

Travis was one to get down tot he nitty gritty in his descriptions and his anger was more than I ever knew he had. The insights into his mind during the fights was welcomed and allow you to see that he wasn't just some crazy badass, but a well trained and meticulous fighter who planned all his moves.

The extension of after the wedding, told by Travis was a welcome added bonus scene and I while I was sad as to the outcome for Adam, I was glad for the views after the eloping, because I was wondering how everyone would react.

The epilogue was a little unexpected but so much like Travis and Abby! I already love Jessica and James and I could not have picked a better job and ending for Travis and Abby ... anything else would be less.

I am a little disappointed that we only got a hint of what happened with Shep and America, which isn't anything really solid either, and now I wondering if it's what my crazy mind think!

Anyhoo, I loved this installment and believe justice was rightfully done to this novel. Thank you for a great love story!!!

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