Monday, 15 April 2013

Undeniable By Madeline Sheehan

Raw, Raunchy, depraved, angst .... it's just some words that come to mind when I think about this book.

Deuce and Eva are ... I don't even know. The characters are like none I have ever read about before and I am surprised as to if this is what biker books are about, this being my first one.

I didn't hate it, but I must say it shocked my pants off a few times. This really is no love story. It's a story alright,  just not one that I was expecting.

The yearly developments were nice and gave us a better look as to this crazy complicated relationship, but the events, the language and the characters were ... let's just say different!

This book took everyday occurrences and more and laid it all on these two characters.
Eva has had enough trauma to last anyone a lifetime and Deuce is well ... Deuce!

All the characters had their place and fit well in the middle of this mess called a love story or whatever genre it drops itself in. I was pleased that a major character was minor in the crew, and absolutely loved his character  minus the debauchery.

The conversations were very colouful and the sex scenes left little to the imagination. This book was about being hard and showing it. There was no playing around or flirting. It was all raw and saucy!!

Frankie was an interesting character who I believe that if helped earlier on the book, would not have come to the fate he suffered, as I believe he was mostly a guy in love who had serious abandonment issues. I believed his character add a certain level to the book that no other character would have been able to add.

You got a more in depth look into the organization of the 'Horsemen' than you do the 'Demons' but it was still enough to make you like and dislike both sides. And the fact that you got both main characters POV was an added bonus, even though I was confused as to why Eva's POV was from her and Deuce's was narrated o.O

I must admit though, a lot of times I was either in shock or disbelief regarding a situation or decision and hate and love poured out of me in equal measure for the main characters. They both had their share of screw ups and God knows you wanna forget the past but these two were either really screwed up or crazy in love. ( I have yet to decide which,  it might be a bit of both)

This book had an air of openness and freshness to it and I absolutely adored Chase and Kami's marriage, even if it was shit! There were no secrets or round about with this story, it was straight, plain and got right down to the facts.

The way the men spoke to women and around children was a little disturbing if you ask me, and the titles bestowed upon the women as well as the men's blatant respect for fidelity was shocking. Especially, some of the women's stance regarding their husbands ways.

It's as if the constitution of marriage was just that ... a constitution! In retrospect, the only faithful man in the book was the most crazy one of all who was mentally unstable (now this was an utter shock!)

There were a few scenes that I believe was totally unrealistic, and others that I thought were so sensitive that they might not have been elaborated on, but they were (i.e, rape and sex then killing scene).

This book wasn't your usual drama filled book, it was real, raw and down to the point and it surprisingly caught and kept my attention because I read it in one sitting.

R rated isn't even enough for this book, but definitely go into this one with your mind open, because just as the author hinted in her blurb, 'This is not a typical love story'!


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