Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fighting for Flight by JB Salsbury

Refreshingly different!

So ... i was kind of in a rut before reading this book so I was looking for YA but not the cliche kind and so i stumbled across this book and I was hooked from beginning to end!

These characters are different from your usual YA characters and their personalities shined throughout and took you in a different world where you not only feel the emotions, but you get to know the characters on a very intimate level.

I was very pleased being in both the minds of the characters, but sometimes I find myself wanting to hear from Jonah more than Raven (lovely name by the way).

The setting and plot was different and a lot of guessing I did, was wrong, but I still didn't mind the outcome.
Most scenes had me on my toes sweating my palms away like Raven.

I loved how the characters careers were expounded on in details and had me believing that these really were passions, as I get to share in what drives each one.

The minor characters were beautifully intertwined and the conversations never strayed to just shooting the breeze or passing time, it was all relevant and sometimes had me laughing while other times have me sweating and eager.

Blake was a great addition and the supporting team really helped in the conveying of a scene.

The sex scenes were descriptive in just the right way! They probably end a little prematurely for me :) but they were still satisfying and got me going a little.

The realness of these characters showed and events and decisions seemed very much real and not forced or made up. I believe that an immense amount of research was done for this book, because nothing was left out and things were most certainly explained all the way in details.

I loved that there were no overly rich people who couldn't run out of money, and that adds more to the realness, as it created a barrier for the characters to cross and made the story more interesting.

The prologue was a very important part of the book, and for a person who doesn't really dig prologues a lot, is saying much about me.

My favorite scene was the fight, it was so intense and to be in Jonah's mind at that point in time took the scene to another level. I believe that taking that scene from his POV was the best decision for the book and I totally adored being in the mind of a fighter like Jonah.

This was a thoroughly researched and beautifully executed novel that I am glad I got the pleasure of reading, I am looking forward to the remaining books in the series.


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