Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rock the Heart By Michelle A. Valentine

Lanie is a first class bitch who so totally doesn't deserve Noel and
he is a fool for not seeing that.

I believe he had the right idea in the beginning but then he became a
wuss and it was all down hill from there!

This girl is the most selfish person ever and she is all for herself.
She sacrifices herself for no one. Not even the guy she says she love.

This story had so much potential if only Lanie wasn't in it! That
hitch makes you wanna cut somebody! Namely her.

Putting my hatred for Lanie aside, these rockers minus the twins are
total pussies! Excuse my French!

I think under different circumstances I could really like Riff ... but
he was always portrayed as such a conniving person that I'm not even

This book was totally centered around Lanie and her selfish ways.
Therefore, unless she's interacting with them, you hardly get to see
or develop something for the other characters.

The twist in the end was not expected, I'll give it that, but it was
so anticlimactic that it just bombed in my opinion!

I hear people comparing this book to The Mighty Storm and Sinners on
Tour. I have never read Sinners on Tour but I can say now that other
than the childhood connection, this book is in a world by itself.

A good rocker book is the Thoughtless series and The Mighty Storm
series ... this was a book about a selfish girl who got fucked in the
end by the one thing she lets rule her life and even then by the grace
of an awesome man like Noel, she doesn't have to lose it all.

I believe Noel can do better and I'd even pick Sophie' s lying ass
over Lanie for Noel.

I've honestly read and seen better rocker novels. The only reason I am
forging ahead with the novella is because I love reading about Noel,
even if I have to get it from Lanie' s POV.

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