Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Real By Katy Evans

Holy sex on a Remy stick!

Remy's character had me from beginning to end. He's so strong but fragile all at the same time and I don't know if it's because I am listening one of the many mentioned songs from the book, but I just fell in love a little bit more with Remington Tate!

His character was NOT the typical bad boy. He had his medical problems but he was never overly pushy or forceful towards Brooke and I admired that. He was written with such a level head despite his major faults that I won't disclose because I think it's good for you guys to find out as it's a major turning point and set off a lot of things within this complicatedly real story!

I loved the musical interactions and the way how when he did express his self, it was so real, direct and intense! The man stir some things in me that very few male book heroes ever have.

He reminds me of Clay from Find you in the Dark and every time Brooke describes him I squirm a little. The image of him when she gets back from her meeting with Nora is so stimulating I have yet to forget!

When Brooke and Tate finally got down to connecting, I highlighted my kindle like a crazy person! The man might not talk much, but when he does boy does he blow me out the water with his approach and words. The man is awesome!!

I was surprised that the explanation of a lot of the physical training wasn't over done or grate on my nerves. I enjoyed the knowledge and believe it was written with the right amount of explanation, as to not overwhelm or bore.

I had to read until my eyes literally closed or until I saw 100% on my kindle as I just could not tear away from this story.

Surprisingly, the story was narrated by Brooke but all I could want and think about was sexy Remy and it's not just for his look, it's for his attitude, charm, wit and just being him. He didn't have to say or do much to be relevant or spark something. The man is just an Adonis if you ask me!!

I liked the fact that Brooke didn't play hard to get, but she was easy without being too easy and I admired that. There was little fight in that department and that made the story even better, as they connected without sex and all the other angst that normally accompany romance novels.

Remy's self control was through the roof and I admired his discipline and determination. The man is all round admirable!

The end scene had me a little conflicted as I love these two together, but I believe for once that Brooke should have been made to suffer a little for her decision. I have no problem with Brooke, but I am more inclined to team Remy and I think that she is a very coward person who puts book heroines her age to shame, as oppose to other characters that I have read about with the same problems at Remy.

I just wanted to hold and hush this Adonis because Brooke is so not woman enough to handle him!

Ok, so I am fully aware that I have spent half of this review praising Mr. Tate without an elaboration on much more, but what can I say! Everyone else within the book paled in comparison to him, even Brooke, seeing as how it was told from her POV.

The other characters were only mentioned as necessary and I am fine with that. I was completely surprised that a book with only 13 chapters could hold and keep me like this story. I thought it would be short, but I didn't even notice or pay attention to the length. I just know that I wanted more Remington Tate.

It was a really good story, with just the right momentum. Sex scenes were crazy as hell and I craved the conversations Remy and Brooke had, more than I craved anything else in the story. It was real and it flowed.

I am surprised as to the outcome with regards to the fights, but I guess it's one more element that makes this book they way it is. Unexpected things happen frequently and they are for the better. They take the characters to a new height, as it twist what you thought you knew to give you what is real (yes I know I am overusing this word).

I totally hated the title of the book , because it seemed so corny, so I wasn't even gonna read it, until I started to get into it and I believe the guy on the cover doesn't do him justice!

This was a beautiful story about pain (both emotionally and physically), love, lost, acceptance and the world of mental illness. I loved the concept and can't wait for book two. I'll be salivating like a dog until then!

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