Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Beautiful Stranger By Christina Lauren

And this is how it should have been done in the first place!

Bravo Christina and Lauren, because you finally wrote a book I was thoroughly pleased to read.

Bennett and Chloe's story was annoying and boring and had me wanting to bash all of them head in together while Sara and the hot Brit, aka Max is a breath of fresh air with a dollop of spicy and sizzling hot!!!

Sara is the opposite, but with tact. She isn't swooning, but she ain't slutting either! The girl is adventurous on Friday nights and a mouse by day!

I love how this book focused on Max and Sara and being in both of them head was overwhelmingly awesome! I couldn't have asked for it a better way!

I had no unanswered questions and when I got down to 80% of my book I was sad because I wanted more.

These two knew how to add sex with meaning and without all the extra crap that authors find necessary for an explosive sex scene. And best believe each sex scene was built to be memorable!

These two played it by the ear.They were mature, sensible and the built on a good, steady relationship. If every woman had a man like Max, we'd definitely smile more!

This was like an episode of Sex all over the City, and definitely had no old broads or excessive drinking and fucking heels everywhere you turn. This book stayed through to it's sex theme with an element of surprise and sensuality, while teaching you how to pick up the pieces, trust and let your inhibitions go. Vicariously living through these two it what I did all day reading this book.

The conversations were real, the events were relevant an not just placed to take up space. The other characters were funny and witty and weren't written in just to take up space. They had a purpose and they served it well.

The occasional movie references, especially the Titanic one (which I noted and highlighted) were hilarious where they were written and didn't come off as too forced or cheesy.

Even the unrealistic parts of the story, like his mother's job and the places they had sex, was welcomed and was so abnormal, that they became normal and had me wanting to try a few spots ;)

The story also wasn't rooted in America, and showed some of Max's roots, and I have always been a sucker for anything English, whether it be the food, culture, language or just the men, I always love a good English anything! (Except maybe Winter)

You learned and grow with the characters and it definitely allowed you to bond with them and feel what they felt. This wasn't just a sex filled or crazy over the top love story, it was a life story.

I loved the story's progression and even though I didn't want it to end and is having Max and Sara withdrawal right now, I can safely say this was a well written and edited story with just the right balance throughout.

I can honestly say, lay off the fan fic ladies because you got a gem right here without any help from another authors book. This was not twilight nor any remnants of it.This was Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren!


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