Friday, 19 April 2013

Damaged By H.M. Ward

I like Sidney and Peter. When they are together, it's not all sparks, but its comfortable and ... just right! Their like a mellow river.

I loved the beginning of this story. Had me laughing in the first 1% of reading and I know it definitely had potential.

So, maybe it wasn't explosive or keep me on my toes until Dean's entrance, which was short lived, but it just had this stoner vibe to it were you like the characters and I just chill with them. They didn't need to go over board or extra, their conversation, at least Peter and Sidney's conversations were very natural and they just flow. I could listen to them banter all day.

I believe the conversations Sidney had with the female characters in this book, with the exception of Ms. Strickland were very dull and stiff and quite unnecessary if you ask me.

Another thing that was a peeve for me, was the continuation of referring to the characters by the first name in everything! it's like pronouns didn't exist, it's all ... "Peter touch me" then "Peter kiss me" then we went to the bedroom and "Peter laid me down" ... I'm like ... ok, we get it, his name is Peter! It's as if the author forgot words like him, his and he.

I like Mark and I wanted to see what the author was gonna do with that angle, but it's just lingering for now so I'm not too sure as to what's happening there.

Millie ... hmmm ... I don't know. The expected major minor characters were not really utilized and I found myself gravitating more to Tia. Not that Millie was bad, but either she doesn't wanna pry, or she's a very laid back almost non existent friend!

The swing club moments were lovely and I could almost picture it, as I am a total sucker for that dance genre and I enjoyed the time spent doing the swing.

I was kind of thrown off when Peter began a very important explanation then stopped half way and the book has completed and we still don't know what really happened, or at least I don't know what happened and while I have an idea, I'd rather not speculate and get it from the horse's mouth himself.

Overall though, I liked this book, it was a very laid back read that had a few giggle moments in between chapters and had a very strong start, that lagged a little in the middle with a jolt at the end and signing off with a little mystery.

I really wish the book could have just continued so we could keep the momentum, but everyone wants trilogy these days, so I'm gonna stick with it and hold out to see how these two sort through the challenges coming.

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