Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sempre By J.M. Darhower

To all the people who told this author she would never amount to nothing or couldn't write, TAKE THAT!!!

The awesomeness that is Sempre! What's a good romance story without some gun, drugs, betrayal and violence?

I was totally caught up in this book till I forgot to eat and do work. I just needed to see what's next. It all seemed so real and not fabricated or too forced.

I love the characters and how the story was built. Getting a glimpse into the minds of so many of the characters was awesome and really helped with the development of this story.

I am so sorry that so many had to die to keep a secret that eventually came out, but I guess it adds to the story and gave the fuel the characters needed to get through each day and trial that came, and boy were there plenty!

Carmine Marcello DeMarco makes me swoon every time he speaks Italian. I just only hoped I could have caught him in the action more than we were privy to but I guess that's due to the path the book was focusing on. Still, I'd let him take me any damn day!

Slavery and human trafficking are serious issues that still plague society today and affects not only blacks, but all races. It touched very close to home and I am grateful I got the opportunity to read a story about struggle and consequences of your decisions, in a world were second chances are few and rare. It allows you to enjoy the freedom and small gestures that we are afforded everyday, that we take for granted.

Within the seriousness of this message, there were laughs all around and I never give up an opportunity to learn at least a few words in another language, especially culture and lifestyle. I am all about learning and this opportunity was the perfect one.

I wasn't sure who to hate and who to like, but as I went along, I felt so engrossed in this story that I feared trusting anyone and still not sure about anyone but the characters in the immediate circle. (la famiglia)

Minor characters were few and barely lasted due to the high level of killings, but the few that remained were necessary and the ones that could have been avoided weren't much of a bother either. I however, felt like it was just a book about the main characters as they are the only one you could trust to be alive after a chapter. (RIP Nick)

I feared for Dr. DeMarco every time he left the house, whilst I wish Dom and Tess could just drop off the map so as to never be in danger. I also wish for a different life for Carmine and Haven, as I think it's about time those two got a break! As such, I am dreadful of a book 2. I know a lot of unanswered questions are present and this story is far from over, but my I am so afraid to venture into a book 2 because of so much that can be at risk!

Regardless, I was glad I finally took the leap to read this amazing story and I am grateful for all I learned and appreciate a lot more of the little things in life, based on the struggles the characters faced in this novel. This in no way felt like 500 pages and I wanted much more while being apprehensive of what's to come.

Impatiently waiting the return of Carmine and Haven's amazing story about lost, love, struggle, trust, betrayal, freedom, determination and so much more.


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