Thursday, 18 April 2013

Surrender Your Love By J.C. Reed

Oh lordy!

Where do I start ... hmmm .... *sigh*

It could have potential if it was re-written. i just wasn't feeling the characters or the dialogues. I think I spent too much time in the head of Brooke (I had to look up her name again because she was so forgettable).

She was a conflicting character and the male interest only graced us when she found the time to get out of her own head. And when he did, he didn't convey much.

I also hate the fact that she was so senseless when it came to Jett, it's like ... bitch get some sense! phew!

There sexual chemistry was non existent and the sex scenes were rushed if you ask me, also, they conveyed little emotion or anything for that matter and his lines were corny as fuck!

I can honestly say that I got interested when I reach to the end and saw the obvious twist, as I wanted to see how the author would write out the obvious twist, that I already solved from he brought her to Italy.

However, it was not revealed in this book and I am not too sure I wanna wait on or read book 2 to find out. I think i'd rather read a spoiler review, because honestly I don't know if I have it in me to sort through the shit that is Brooke's (remembered this time) mind again.

I understand in the author letter at the end that this book is close to her and I would never want to devalue that, but honestly this book was horrendously bad.

The characters were shallow, I didn't even realize I was reaching a climax or end until I looked down at my percentage, because I kept reading hoping for something dynamic to happen or at least one event or sex scene, anything to shock some life into the damn book.

Anyways, it's safe to say that this was a very boring book with a story line with potential if it was probably written differently or ... idk something! But as is, it just did not cut it for me.

I'm trying to find one thing I like and unfortunately, nothing comes to mind. I am really trying to surrender to my conscience and find at least one thing but ... I am drawing blanks here.

Still, if you are one who likes to ride the pony at least once for yourself, have at it but this one wasn't for me at all!

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