Friday, 26 April 2013

Twisted Perfection By Abbi Glines

If ever there was a cliffhanger, here it is!!

For the love of all that is holy I fail to understand why authors end books like this. I now have a million questions that can't be answered until fall 2013 ... like wth?!?!

Where to begin ... Della is awesome and Woods has taken on a whole new view for me. He came off a little creepy in the Fallen too far series, and I thought it'd transcend  over to Twisted Perfection, but it turned out that Woods is awesome and better in bed than Rush. Actually, the boys dirty talk is down right filthy and I love it!!!

The usual characters were in this one, with the exception of Rush and just a brief view of Blair. I liked the addition of Tripp, as with each novel, more interesting and loving characters are added to this lovely series. I would love to live in this town if I had thee people as my friends, and it's not about the money.

Abbi Glines is a seasoned writer and it pretty much showed here. This was definitely a twist where Rosemary is concerned, as the addition of Della touche on a real subject with a lot of possibilities ahead. This story could go in so many directions that the cliffhanger just leaves me even more frustrated.

Death seems to not be a fear or care for MS. Glines because she isn't afraid to have death within her novels. This one was no different and I think that is what made it even more real.

Since the introduction of the Rosemary crew, parents were more interwoven into this novel, as it showed a different relationship dynamic and therefore made it seem like it's own story, and not so much as a continuation of Fallen to Far series.

Angelina is a thirsty ass bitch! Like getting a clue is a thought she is unfamiliar with. The girl is the epitome of desperate  and yet still she flaunts the fact she can get anyone she wants.

It was also good to see that Jace and Bethy were still going strong. Maybe those two will get a book because I would love to see some Jace and Bethy sex for sure!!!

Overall though, this was a well written installment within the series and I love the character of Woods and Della together, it's dynamite!

This story covered love, life, mental illnesses, hope, dreams, friendship and so much more. I could continue reading about these two, as they are definitely not your normal couple, but you can definitely feel their love.
That is why, I hated the cliffhanger and I am trusting in Ms. Glines to not break Della and Woods, because this turn of events is a serious one with a lot of repercussions.

I'm getting heart failure just waiting!!

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