Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Disastrous By E.L. Montes

Hmph ..... well that was ... dull.

Unbelievably to the 100 degree with no real emotions or feelings. Like what the hell though? I am sure much better could be done. I am not even sure where to start.

Either she was the easiest and lamest lay (which is believable) or Jeremy is secretly gay. Because no way in heaven can you sleep with a guy for months and then wake one day and say let's be friends and bam! Your friends and its all good in the hood.

So much potential could have occurred here if only it was written differently. I honestly don't even know where to start or what to make my grievance about first. Is it the fact that this career focused young lady spent a summer at a law firm and we only heard about one case which she briefly discussed?

The unrealistic and uneventful relationship that span over a four months basis, that seemed liked a damn eternity?

This story had underlying elements that didn't even bring me in the way I assume it was intended to. We barely got a view of the law office and the mobster side of the story was vague, and didn't really spark much if you ask me.

I found it hard to believe half of the conversations and emotions that took place. I didn't hate the characters though, I just disliked the story telling and the dialogues. It was very poor and extremely rushed.

A confusing prologue, a beautiful start and then the characters began conversing and I was like hell fuck it! Just stop this shit now!

My favorite character was Megan and the girl popped in the last 10% of the book and I would really rather focus on her than all the characters who are suppose to be the focus, mainly the half naive, half annoying character that is Mia. Half the time I don't even know what the girl is mad about and I don't even wanna  get into the enigma that is Marcus DeLuca.

I though the man would be one of those swoon worthy character but either Mia doesn't know how to describe well or all we need to know is that he smells good. I fell no connection whatsoever with none of these characters and  they definitely don't shock or get my motor going.

The unnecessary fights and drama was just eye rolling ridiculous and got me thinking why the hell is all this necessary. It's like the characters, mainly Mia, tried her best to be upset at every little peeve. I totally didn't get this fire they talked about.

The mobster side of the story was in no way scary and the fact that everyone could hide a weekly dinner from a supposed best mobster in Boston, had me damn baffled, annoyed and thinking that I could do better to inject fear into people than he can.

Anhyhoo ... not the best of stories, but being a glutton for punishment and being as how I am on sick leave, with not much to do but read, on I go to cautious, warrant it is out, to see how these people can frustrate me even more.


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