Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Blindfolded Innocence By Alessandra Torre

So, what I get from this is a woman's journey as to how she ended up naked and blindfolded in a room with two men, living out her current sexual fantasy and boy did I love it! (At least the fantasies parts)

I must say I love Brad and Julia. They aren't your everyday couple or love story. I have read books before, about people with voyeuristic tendencies, and I really wish we could have gotten some more where these two were concerned. It would definitely have been what dreams are made of.

I love a good sex novel, but hate it when it's over done. This wasn't. I love that the author knew when to stray from Julia to Brad or from both to a totally different character that you would least expect to get their say. 

An even mix was maintained throughout this story and it wasn't written a typical and was in no way conventional. There was no unrequited or suppressed love and no hidden agendas. It was plain, straight and right to the point all around.

There were some colorful characters, namely, Alex. He wasn't given much of a part, but his little piece was nice and add a certain calm tot he whole situation. There was no conforming in this book. It was definitely not a fairy tale and didn't try to be one.

The Vegas portion of the book seemed more like months than a weekend and I was surprised to see debauchery written which such tact.

I don't know if Julia considered herself a girly girl, but I don't and I loved her the way she was. She wasn't a tom boy, but she wasn't making goo goo eyes or pining over anyone. It was like a breath of fresh air, finally a female character who gets it without slutting around. She was strong and made her mind be known, while still eliciting a lot of hidden pleasures throughout the book.

Brad was an interesting one. I am sorry I judged him, because he was no regular lawyer story boyfriend, which technically he didn't take on the title until literally the last page!
He didn't feel the need for no over the top romantic gestures nor did he think he had to say I love you to close of a novel. The man was straight and quite captivating if you ask me. I really hope Book 2 doesn't see him becoming a push over, because I love him they way he is.

This book was a little tease and I loved the story line, characters and road it took. I am not too sure if I hate the ending, as it seemed so abrupt, but I am not sure if I wanted it to continue, because a whole whirlwind of problems could accompany the decision made in the final scene.

However, I will say I am thoroughly pleased I stuck through and gave this book a chance, because I initially thought it would be boring with little to no progression. It surprised me though and gradually built into a good and solid story.

Kudos to you Mrs. Torre!

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