Sunday, 7 April 2013

Connected By Kim Karr

This one had a very strong start and I felt like this might be a promising one because of all the elements you were promised at the start.

I was into it a lot and very much conflicted as to who I should like or if I should like both. It was a steady journey and then ....

Before I know it, people are dying, unconventional reunions are happening and I am thoroughly confused and just skipping through each chapters wondering what is going on, whats the outcome, when are we gonna be made privy to the big secret that River holds.

I absolutely despise the lyrics at the beginning of the chapters, especially when we reached the chapter to 'Breakeven' because that is one of my all time favorite songs. I believe that she should have found a way to deliver the correct and proper lyrics or just don't do nothing at all!

The song choices throughout the book was lovely and I was uber excited for the Kellan and Jake nods because those are to of my favourite books and book characters and I loved the shout out to other YA authors. It was noble and commendable if I might say so myself.

The complete switch of narrative from Dahlia to River was confusing and had me wondering why and when would we hear from Dahlia again.

Conversations were ... awkward to say the best and didn't really flow or convey much for me. Sometimes it was down right annoying to be privy to a conversation that could have surely been edited out of the book.

I honestly believe the climax came at the end of the book, while one of my thoughts turned out to be right and I was starting to feel the book again, and just like that it ended and I was told fall 2013 with a 10% mark left on my kindle and two totally unrelated stories from two totally different authors ... yeh ... disappointed doesn't even begin to voice what I feel and how I can feel the confusion coming with the rightfully titled book 2, Torn.

With that being said, I found a lot of elements to this story that I loved, and the music selection was eclectic and awesome and just what I listen to on a daily basis. That familiarity was welcomed and loved.

I honestly didn't really feel the connection between River and Dahlia, and so I am very much confused and found it hard to understand their feelings.

I believe separately, I love both characters as River is a really nice and thoughtful guy that I honestly can't place, because he seems more like an accountant that a rock star ... he seems to not even be interested in his chosen career which is very odd.

Dahlia is ... different and her mood swings and freak outs are ... different. I am unsure of how to place this character because she is all over the place.
When reading from her POV, she is unsure, confused, sad and all sort of bad emotions and when you get to see her from River's POV, she is so sure, confident and seem like she is the put together one and he is the broken one.

The other characters seemed inconsequential and were barely given the time of day, when they were, I found them unnecessary. They themselves have some secrets that they need to be relieved as I completed the book not really knowing anything and any one in depth enough to feel much for them.

The end narrative was a little but not complete surprise and the one thing that got my blood going again, but just as it begun it was over.

There are so many different secrets and twist to this story that you are not sure which one to focus on and apparently the author decide that none would be revealed in this installment either.

So, here I am waiting for book 2 and hoping it's the last of the series or at least something will be revealed, because this book was very unsatisfying and I wasn't so interested to wanna read a book 2. It's mostly just to finally get some answers.

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