Monday, 1 April 2013

Fallen Too Far By Abbi Glines

And Abbi with the save!

After reading Breathe, I had decided that I wouldn't be reading another Abbi Glines novel, but I am glad I am so open minded *pat on the back*, cause I adored this one!

I'm still on the fence as to the fact that they are legally brother and sister so they shouldn't even be together, but let's hang that one out to dry for a while.

So .... I totally love Blaire! Really wish we could meet Valerie if she was anything like Blair. She strikes just the right note at the right time. She's on point with her emotions and not afraid to show what she feels on her sleeves. Theirs no corners with her and I just love it!

The fact that she owns a gun, knows how and actually pull it a few times, makes her even more badass!

I keep gushing over this book mainly because I love the character of Blaire with her attitude and charisma ... the girl is totally loveable!

Now onto Rush ... weird ass name but ok. I love a guy with just the right amount of piercings, so he definitely does it for me.
I love is confidence, and the banters that he and Blaire had in the beginning of the book.

That peanut butter scene was hilarious!!!

Anyways, I was glad that I found out the secret with Blaire as it gave the book a different feel. However, I think this tale is so entangled I don't know if they can ever climb out of this web. I sure know I don't want Blaire hurt again her character too much!

The other characters played their parts well, and I am still a little confused as to Woods (another weird ass name). I don't know if he can be trusted or if he has ulterior motives.

Nan is a grown ass bitch who needs to grow up before someone (namely my girl B)buss a cap  in that ....

This book was beautifully written, and all I could ask for was a little insight into the brain of Rush Finley. But even then, I think the story is also made much better because it was told only from Blaire's POV.

We got to experience everything with her and I am really nervous to move on to the next part of the series, because all I want is happiness for Blaire and I don't want one soul to make her sad, not even herself!

In my eyes, Ms. Glines had redeemed herself for me with this one. It's definitely not your usual summer romance and drama filled novel. I just wish they weren't steps, because one less problem is so needed within this story.

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