Saturday, 13 April 2013

This Man By Jodi Ellen Malpas

That man indeed!

Intense was the theme of this book and confusing as ever!

So .... I totally got the main truth but there is so much unanswered questions also. I am a little surprised that Eva didn't get the main truths, as they were clear as day, but I guess I never have Jesse around to distract me.

I loved  this storyline (even though I am not sure where it is going right now) and the characters. I have yet to find one to not like, (even Sarah).

I kind of wish that we could have gotten a little of Jesse's POV, because I would have love to get a view of what goes on in  The Manor as well as Jesse's mind.

Ava is a gem! I love her as a character. She has just the right balance and ration, even when she's getting a sense fuck :)

I was thoroughly pleased with this novel! Especially the UK culture and language. I am glad for a book not set in the US. A little difference is always appreciated.

As a fellow peanut butter lover, it was good to see a character as addicted as I am!

The supporting characters were also really good and intertwined beautifully!!! John is hilarious without even trying and Sam is definitely one to like ... the jury is still out on Drew.

Tom, Victoria and Sal, even Matt were good additions that didn't over power Eva and Jesse's story.

I totally love Tom's character. (He's my soul mate) :)

The secret treasure hunt might be dangerous, but totally hilarious and I love the ringtones. I even sang a few that I knew.

This book was so good that I have few complaints and the sex was fucking explosive! Jesse can take me any day of the damn week he wants! The man makes me hot just by opening his mouth. And even though they go at it like rabbit's, each is so ingrained in my mind that you can actually separate them and remember each . Which is totally crazy, because they go at it a lotttttttt!!!

I'm glad that everyone's life was blended so well and I really hope Ava and Jesse get their happy ever after because no one deserves it more than them.

I just really hope we can uncover some more secrets and finally get a hold on this man, because after an entire book I am still not sure who is Jesse Ward and my God do I wanna know!

On I go to Beneath This Man. Crossing my fingers for a little Jesse POV  and clarity - ish , because this book is a cloud of mystery when it comes to this man!

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