Sunday, 21 April 2013

Broken at Love By Lyla Payne

If you have a complete hate of tennis, don't bother reading this book, because there is a whole lot of tennis themed events and tennis references.

Something about Quinn's story reminded me of Nick in the novel 'The Bet'. Not only the competition, but the family life and fall backs. The only thing missing is the ruthlessness.

Even though it was another college themed novel, this one strike a balance of both academics and party. While not going in details and taking us within the classes, it highlighted what was important at the necessary time and didn't overwhelm us with the wealth of the characters.

I believe the story was a steady and stable one until the end where it just began to speed up and then it was all a rush to finish it off.

Quinn was your usual bad boy, without the tats and bikes. He was quite the country club kind, but with a dream other than living off his trust fund.

Emilie was .... She had all the makings of a goods girl, but she also had that confidence factor that I love in a female character. She's not afraid to let it be known how she feels and what she wants.

The sex scenes were definitely tame, and just got around to basic description. It wasn't anything to get your blood going like most New Adult novels these days.

All in all, this was a solid read, it might not have emitted a lot of sparks, but it had its moments and is definitely a reliable and steady read.

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