Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Rock My Bed By Michelle A. Valentine

Didn't see that coming at all!

I thought this story would have been a continuation after the proposal in Rock the Band but this starts at the Texas concert and I am totally glad for it, because it also cleared up a lot of questions and suspicions from Book 1. (I never understood Aubrey's reaction when she was first introduced to the band.)

I love Riff and Aubrey story. It's not shy or reserved. It's in your face and real. These two don't hold back and together their like dynamite!

I had no idea Riff had any problems at all and my heart broke for this character and the guilt that must have been eating him alive. He redeemed himself to me as a good character because initially I thought he was bad seed because he was so intent on getting back at Noel that I thought he would try to have sex with Lanie, but I see he was otherwise occupied ;)

We also got more of the twins and come to find out that they are a cool set a guys. It also finally helped me to differentiate between the two. I honestly never noticed the different hair colors until now.

I love that we still got our Noel and Lanie fix. And got some behind the scenes from Book 1 while at it. Riff is a great guy and friend and him and Aubrey go together really well!

Isaac completely shocked me in the end. I figure he would naturally get hurt by Aubrey, but c'mon , the guy was relentless even when she made her reservations clear as day! And then there he goes getting angry when the inevitable happened. He basically took advantage of her vulnerable state then gets pissed when she came to her senses.

The sex scenes were a little more intense than Noel and Lanie' s, and initially didn't carry the raw passion those two possess, but it totally held its own and even threw in a level of kink. I believe that if time was spent to make them more sensual it would a total knock out! However, I loved Aubrey's approach to sex.
Still, I don't think sex scenes are Ms. Valentine strong point.

It was good to learn Riff's story and real name and to watch this couple grow into each other and I love the way they interacted. I found his need to have her call him buy is given name totally sexy and hot and I must admit I jump a little every time she said it. And it ain't even all that of a name, but the premise behind it is totally hot!!!

A front row seat to Lanie and Noel wedding was awesome! It was tastefully done and a good addition to the novel. It expounded more than I would have like seeing as how it was Aubrey and Riff's book, but their little gestures were cute.

Their IM and E-mail exchanges were witty and a nice little touch to close the distance. It didn't make them feel very far away.

However, once again the book ended rather abruptly without much dialogue but seeing as how there are two more books to come, I guess we have another continuation on our hand.

Can't wait for the twins story, I know they're gonna be an awesome one!


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