Monday, 1 April 2013

Never Too Far By Abbi Glines

Score 2 for Abbi Glines!!

So ... here we have the usual characters in another of Ms. Glines summer romance continuations and everyone seems to be having their happy ending except for Blaire and Rush ... Blaire now has a big ass secret that she is trying to keep from everyone, especially Rush.

Things take turns for the worse and better and while Rush keeps being Rush and messing everything up, Blaire is still being the most mature 19 year old in the world (occasionally) as they try to make it through the remainder of the summer and plan their future.

I love the fire in Bethy and how she's always there for Blaire. I'm also glad she got her happy ending, and a novella would have been just awesome for her character.

I loved the role that Woods played and I finally realize that he is one of the good guys! #teamwoods

Grant was his usual present while being absent self and Nan was a bitch as always!

It was good to hear the real story and to see the conversations between Rush and Blaire's dad as well as Blaire and her dad.

The jump back to Alabama was also welcome and Granny Q was a hoot! a nicer, wiser old woman can't be found.

Cain .... he definitely had good intentions and I must say his infidelity ways was more funny than sad.

There seem to be alot of forgiveness and closure with this novel, so I am not too sure as to why a book three for Rush and Blake is in the future, but I hope these two finally get a break, cause their drama level is ridiculous!

As usual, Blaire kicked ass in this book and even though I was a lot annoyed with her in the beginning of the book, I once again warmed up to her, because c'mon ... Blaire is awesome!!!

This book hit just the right notes and the series of events flowed easily and unnecessary dialogue was never present. It was all relevant and I thoroughly enjoyed every ounce of this book.

I just really wish we could have gotten to see Blaire give birth, but with a book two, I am hopeful.

Rush will always be a screw up and Blaire will always be the rational one that keeps them together ... a better dynamic has never been known.

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