Saturday, 20 April 2013

Surrender By Melody Anne

Well, well, well ... I had different feelings throughout the book and I still do. I am once again annoyed that everyone seems to only write trilogies which is basically one book split in three, because there is no difference or new situations, just a continuation.

I love Ari ... she's strong and real. She doesn't play games and she says it like it is. She ain't sitting about crying over men and love. She is fighting for her mom and that is more admirable than anything.

Rafe is ... an enigma. I hate him, then I love him. Sometimes I think he's gonna finally acknowledge what he could have in Ari and then bam! The crazy is back with a vengeance!

The ending of this story left me a little on the fence. I know it's not a given that she will turn him down, but I sort of want them to have their time while I think his ultimatum is a really shitty one and sometimes we cross lines that we can't go back across and I feel like with that final scene, Rafe did.

However, after reading the consequences series, he might just get redemption because sometimes authors work like that.

The sex scenes weren't explosive nor were they vanilla. They weren't elaborated on to the point of total stimulation, but the occasionally stirred that need that sex scenes produce and were fairly modest in my opinion.

I loved how we got a slice of everyone who mattered and I believe that some scenes could definitely have been elaborated on more. It's like at points in the book, the author was in a race.

Rafe almost rival Anthony Rawlings from the Consequences series and best believe that ain't no picnic race!
The man is complicated and his logic makes no sense when it comes to relationships. It's unfathomable that he was so moved that it turned him ice cold, but nonetheless, his strong will might just be both an advantage and disadvantage.

I understand some fans reservations when it comes to Ari's end decision, but if he is to finally realize what he can have with Ari and if she decide to give him a chance, I truly hope she draws him to hell and back because he damn well deserve it!

The man showed a side of him that I would never expect, as I found myself liking him one minute and despising him the next. He really shows the thin line between love and hate!

This book was about life, love, struggle and every day situations with a twist of fantasy. We also got to see how men deal with heart break and relationships, from a half rational POV. It might not have been healthy, but at least he wasn't just sleeping with anything that walks.

I admire Ari's strength and determination and hope she finally gets a stitch of peace in book 2, as she truly deserves a break. It's as if as the sun starts shining for this girl, the rain clouds come and shred it all!

With all that being said, I can't wait for book 2 in the series to see the decisions that were made and the consequences that followed.

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