Thursday, 2 May 2013

Extreme Love By Abby Niles

Extremely boring and annoying would be a better title for this one.
Unrealistic, uneventful with one full MMA fight is what this one provided. I was so drawn in by the book cover and the blurb that I thought this would be a really good one!! So you can imagine my shock when I start reading and wanna stop.

Not one to practice giving up on a book in the first couple chapters, I stick through it and boy was I disappointed!!

Take out the girl best friend, the heroine, the opponent and everything else and leave the hero and the gay best friend and his boyfriend, and I would have at least given this 4 stars but as is, I'm wavering between 1 and 2. It wasn't even a fairly satisfying read.

I got the whole weight loss struggle and proving a point in your given field or passion, and I was therefore behind them 100% as I struggle with both at some point on my life, but Cait was annoying and Dante was awesome! I literally read the book just for him and really wish he would realize that Cait wasn't and still isn't worth it.

Some  main characters (like the girl best friend and coach) grew very insignificant and annoying. There was little development of these relationships and characters, and as such I hardly followed these relationships so was therefore shocked at the outcomes in the impromptu and unnecessary epilogue.

On the bright side, the editing wasn't bad and the grammar was near impeccable! So there are pluses there.

I understand that alot had to be conveyed over two months, but not much developed, other than Dante is a love sapped fool and Cait is an annoying girl who I am surprised haven't killed herself yet from sheer self doubt and lack of confidence in everything.

The woman is so depressing I am surprised she teaches a weight loss class. She had me mapping out how fat could she possibly be, to just throwing in the towel and thinking that she either looks like Shamu or she's average and just looking for attention!

The fights were not intense nor extreme in the bit, and I honestly thought I'd get more, but I must note that I loved how she initially described the fight between Sentori and Dante when it just began. But as usual, Cait arrived and it all went to shit!

I don't even wanna get started with the unnecessary and unrealistic kidnapping nearing the end of the book If your gonna commit to a situation and emotion, just do it! The whole half cock, half effort was just annoying and had me face palming alottt!!

The epilogue just had me in a wtf state, because it was not needed nor did it do much. It seemed like literally a folder leaf of information with an 8 months later attached note, aka, unnecessary!

Give me Paul, Jack and Dante any damn day! Cause if not for those three, this story would be a total bust.

It's safe to say this one definitely wasn't for me. However, give it a try, it may be your cup of tea!

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