Sunday, 12 May 2013

This Girl By Colleen Hoover

Another great one by Ms. Hoover!!

Once again, we are catapulted into an amazing story from Will's POV.
I am unable to wrap my head around how she made a familiar story seemed so new and it had nothing to do with how long it took between reads. This was 'This Girl' and not 'Slammed'. It conveyed different emotions, decisions and it even unearthed a few secrets that we weren't privy to even in book 2.

The main poems and a few new ones were added and as usual, they were just as awesome when they were first read. It's hard to read  a poem in this book and not feel nothing, even if it's boredom! :)

A new writing style was developed for this one and it's one I seem to see popping up around a lot of late. Mixing the past with the future was genius and gave us two amazingly different stores in one. The present wasn't devoid of emotions as a mere recollection, it had it's own arguments, decisions, situations (pool scene)  and level of emotions. It was beautifully written and mixed at just the right point. Nothing unnecessary was used and the points that were highlighted had and set just the right tone.

Everyone was once again highlighted in this one and it was good to see a little more grown Kel and Caulder even with a little Kirsten in the mix. (I butterflying love this girl!)

Julia's memory was always kept in tact and it was good to see the relationship that was built between Will and Julia and how his opinion was of consequence to a lot of decisions made.
It was also good to delve a little into Will's mom and dad as well as past, as we were rarely able to get a glimpse into Will before the accident.

Regarding the event they were celebrating, I found it strange how they chose to pass the time, but I soon found that Ms. Hoover with her creative sense was giving us two stories in one. It's never all heart and flowers for Will and Layken and I was glad that even without the over the top drama, they still had their moments. She found a way to subtly give us an amazing and new story while clearing up unanswered questions of book 1

The characters stayed true to themselves and it was great to take this incredible journey with them, because even without sex, this is an awesome book about love, life, family, friends and amazing poetry! You not only get a story, but you get recommendations (new Avett Brothers fan!).

There is so much to learn within these stories and I am truly sad to see this series end. I could so do with two more books for a grown up Kel and Caulder. *hint**hint*

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